Orphan Pygmy Marmoset Loves Being Brushed By A Toothbrush


Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world, and man, are they adorable. Ninita is a pygmy marmoset who was born deaf and abandoned by her parents at 3 weeks of age in 2012. She was injured and sick when she was found and adopted by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation. With a little rehabilitation and tender loving care, Ninita healed quickly and became very playful and loving. Her favorite item to play with is a toothbrush.

Marmosets are social creatures who need a lot of touching and affection, so brushing Ninita’s fur with the toothbrush makes her extremly happy. Check out how she adorably responds to getting massaged with her favorite toothbrush:





Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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