This Pig Probably Wasn’t Born With “Testicles For Eyes”

A bizarre photo has a surfaced online, claiming to show a piglet born with testicles instead of eyes.

The image is believed to have come from an intensive pig sow farm in the United States and was recently posted on Reddit under the title Received this picture from a friend at a sow farm. Those are testicles.

Although many users questioned the authenticity of the photo, the image’s uploaderangyarchermaintained it was genuine,saying:I doubt there were eyes underneath and I’m not even sure if it was male or female. I do know that it was born alive but probably brain dead and was quickly euthanized.

If the photo is real then theres no doubt the pig suffered from an extremely unpleasant deformity, however its unlikely that the eyes were actually replaced with testicles. The most likely cause is some form of birth defect that didnt allow the pig’s eyes to fully develop, or as one Reddit user pointed out it could be sacks of fluid poking out of the skull where it hasn’t fused properly.

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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