This Is Probably The Most Ridiculous College Exam Question Ever

A few days ago, Reddit user Esperagon posted a question from his exam that would have stumped Plato himself.

The film student from Sheridan College in Toronto was faced with an impossible question in his sound recording test, one which no amount of cramming could have foreseen. The student was asked the question What is a microphone? with the only possible answers of True or False.

Many different theories behind the obscure question were brought up in the comments section, ranging from a computer typoto a philosophical musing about the nature of logic and linguistics. All of which were, of course, fiercely debated:

However, The Star got in contact with the Canadian film school to ask what was going on. David Gray, the professor who set the exam, said the question was a running joke which he hoped would get his students to startthinking outside the box.
I wanted to get them to think more openly, so I started putting these funny questions on their quizzes and exams for bonus marks,”Gray said to the Star.

There is no wrong answer, its just more about pushing yourself and thinking outside of the box.

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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