Neuroscientist Takes Beautiful Photographs Of Biological Specimens

Eran Gilats work relies on the eye of an artist and the brain of a scientist. His teenage interest in photography has followed him to his current life as a neuroscientist, where his stunning yet unsettling images givea deep look into medicine, biologyand the sciences.

In his collectionLife Sciences,Gilat photographs biological specimens and relics from the natural sciences, along with an assortment of paraphernalia from taxidermy shops and curiosity cabinets.The Israel-based neuroscientist actually uses animal organs from natural history facilities and butcher shops, although he hopes the images can help challenge the very human-focused way we see the natural world.

As Eran himself explains, his photography is a way of taking away the gross-out factor frombiology and, instead, appreciating his subjectsas beautiful organic machines.

On top of his photography,Gilat works as a senior neuroscientist who researches the underlying mechanisms behind epilepsy with the aim of finding a medical cure. Not surprisingly, the theme of brains and neurology frequently pops up throughout his photography.

Since 2011, Gilat’s Life Sciencesprojecthas been featured in solo and group exhibitions across the world and now he’s in the process ofcrowdfunding the backing cost to publish a book of the series.

image credit:Eran Gilat

image credit:Eran Gilat

image credit:Eran Gilat

image credit:Eran Gilat

image credit:Eran Gilat

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Wonder Of Science


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