Man Undergoes Surgery To Remove A Live Worm From His Eyeball

A man from eastern India has recently undergone some rather eye-watering surgery after doctors found a livewormsquiggling in his eyeball.

The patient, 25, went to the doctors aftertwoweeks of pain in his left eye, along with redness and wavey “floaters”in his vision.

It transpired that there was a live worm living in the mans vitreous cavity the clear, jelly-like centerof the eyeball. The doctors described it as a fairly long live worm moving around in a haphazard and relentless manner in a recent online case report published inBMJ Case Reportson January 8.

Doctors decided the only option was to remove the parasite through surgery, as antifilarial drugscould have resulted in a toxic reaction in the eye.

A microbiological examination of the removed worm proved it to be a species called Loa loa.

This parasitic nematode is transmitted to humans via bites from deer flies (also known as mango flies or mangrove flies). This led the doctors to the fairly straightforward conclusion that the man caught the parasite during his work as a fruit vendor in eastern India. After getting bitten by an infectedfly, the man’sparasite traveled to the eyeball through its blood vessels or by burrowing through its tissue layers, the researchers proposed.

Loa loa are typically found crawling aroundunder the skin, although they can be found in a variety of the bodys tissues, eventually making their way towards the lungs. However, the report said this is first known case of one being found in the vitreous cavity of the eye.

Two weeks after his surgery, the man is reported to have vastly improved vision, no pain and to befree from squiggling lines in his sight.

Source: Array

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