New Radar Scan Says Tutankhamun’s Tomb Has No Hidden Chamber

Drama is kicking off between Egyptologists concerning some recentscans used to determine whether there arehidden chambers behindTutankhamuns tomb.

Late last year, scientists said they were 90 percent sure that King Tutankhamuns tomb had a hidden chamber. If their theory proved correct, it could have been evidence for the controversial claim of Nicholas Reeves that Tutankhamuns tomb is merely a rushed outer chamber of his mothers tomb, Queen Nefertiti.

Now,radar scans on the tomb havesuggested that no such chamber exists. The team of radar technicians, organized by National Geographic, voyaged out to the Valley of the Kings to carry out the scans on the boy kings tomb two months ago.

If we had a void, we should have a strong reflection,” Dean Goodman, a geophysicist at GPR-Slice software, told National Geographic.”But it just doesn’t exist.”

He added, Radar data can often be subjective. But at this particular site, its not. Its nice at such an important site to have clear, convincing results.

Still, the results have been causing some controversy among Egyptologists. Egypt’s antiquities ministry arent takingthe results seriously and remain optimistic that a chamber does exist.

According to theAssociated Press, Egypt’s former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass vehemently challenged the accuracy of the project, saying: In my entire career, I have never come across any discovery in Egypt made by radar scans.

Nicolas Reeves, who put forward the theory of a hidden chamber last year, also remains positive. As he told theAssociated Press: “I was looking for the evidence that would tell me that my initial reading was wrong. But I didn’t find any evidence to suggest that. I just found more and more indicators that there is something extra going on in Tutankhamun’s tomb.”

Source: Array

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