Why Finding A Real Alternative To Sugar Is So Difficult


So much for the decades in which fats and oils were public enemy number one on our dinner plates. There is more and more evidence that sugar or more precisely, carbohydrate is behind our increasing rates of obesity and heart disease. Even if the mechanisms by which this occurs are s Continue reading Why Finding A Real Alternative To Sugar Is So Difficult


Why Its Wrong To Compare Zika To Ebola


A committee of the World Health Organisation has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency. This designation gives the WHO and member states the ability to recommend limits on travel to prevent the potential spread of disease and to call for emergency measures and resources to combat an outbreak.

The last time the WHO used this mechanism was during the recent Ebola cris Continue reading Why Its Wrong To Compare Zika To Ebola

New Baby Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Cause of Death


It’s a pretty rare event to find complete fossils in good condition. After millions of years any number of things could happen to destroy fossils before they are discovered and documented by scientists, if the animal even fossilizes at all. Finding well preserved baby animals is particularly hard, since they are more likely to have gotten trampled or eaten after their death. Phillip Currie from the University of Alberta has recently uncovered a juvenile Chasmosaurus belli that was so complete and intact, he was actually able to speculate a Continue reading New Baby Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Cause of Death

Champions League final: Test your knowledge


As Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid meet in the Champions League final for the second time in three years, test your knowledge on one of Europe’s fiercest derbies.

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Wonder Of Science Continue reading Champions League final: Test your knowledge

Animal Venoms Dont Just Cause Pain, They May Soon Be A Cure For It Too


Bites or stings from venomous animals or insects can be dangerous; they lead to numerous fatalities globally each year despite the development of antivenoms that can neutralise many of their worst effects.

But research into their molecular components shows venoms arent all bad. Many contain bioactive components (mini-proteins or peptides) that are so stable to the bodys enzymes and selective of their biological target that theyre increasingly being used as new research tools.

Theyre even being used as <a href="http://www.imb.uq.edu Continue reading Animal Venoms Dont Just Cause Pain, They May Soon Be A Cure For It Too

Gray Seal Filmed Drowning And Cannibalizing A Pup


Dont be fooled by the seals cute appearance,those beady eyes hold some dark secrets. Researchers have captured footage of an adult gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) drowning a pup and then eating it.

The video was shot by a team of marine mammal behavior experts from Durham University on the Isle of May, a 1.8-kilometer-long (1.1-mile-long) island off the east coast of Scotland.

Over the course of a week in early December 2014, they witnessed the same male individual cannibalizing five different pups. In one instance, shown in th Continue reading Gray Seal Filmed Drowning And Cannibalizing A Pup

Evolutionary Pause Blamed on Tectonic Stall


From 1.7 to 0.7 billion years ago nothing much happened on Earth. It was “characterized by environmental, evolutionary and lithospheric stability that contrasts with the dramatic changes in preceding and succeeding eras,” as a paper in Geology puts it. But the paper goes further, offering an explanation for this pause, while complementary evidence suggests continental drift may be speeding up.

You’ve got to love the geologists Continue reading Evolutionary Pause Blamed on Tectonic Stall